My Story

Thinking outside the box has been important to me since a young age. My mom taught me how to improvise in the best ways! She would use what she had to create what she needed. And most of the time it turned out just beautifully. Creativity is a special part of my life and a neat kiss that the Lord blew over to me.

I learned to sew in high school, and began to put it into practice as a newlywed on a tight budget: sewing curtains and pillows. Using patterns and straight lines was not very compatible with my personality, so in frustration I put the sewing machine away for a while. When the problem of my jeans being too short arose, I got the sewing machine out again... but this time for clothes fun. I sewed the rim of some yard sale placemats around the bottom of the jeans and received compliments galore! A few years later I began to help a friend with a business that cut apart fabric to do art on T-shirts. Shannon introduced me to the idea of “upcycling.” Being a passionate person, I dove in- creating all my clothes (dresses) from different thrift store pieces. As my closet began to shrink, my husband suggest selling them…and so it began!

With three small kiddos, and a husband to attend to, I soon felt guilty for all the time I was spending behind my sewing machine. But my brother, a seminary graduate, opened my eyes to see that what I was doing was “such a picture of the Gospel.” I carried that analogy further and thought on it for a while and this is what it became...


A Ministry.


An Outlet.

An excuse not to cook supper....Whoops!

Conversation Piece.

My work is restoring old, unwanted clothing by washing, removing stains, mending holes, taking out the bad and adding the beautiful. The new article becomes a one-of-a-kind, beautiful work of art that cannot be recreated! This is exactly what Jesus Christ is doing in my life....washing me by His blood {Psalm 51}, removing my stains {2 Peter 3:14}, filling holes {Romans 15:13}, taking out the bad {John 1:29}, adding the beautiful {Ecclesiastes 3:11-13}, to sew together an original work of art {Psalm 139: 13-18}. Thank you God!....stay tuned!

I redeem the clothes, just like Jesus is redeeming me!

Sara Ellen