OK...the best thing to do is to shop on Facebook (where you can view front and back pictures of each item) or on my webpage under Shop, and follow me on Instagram for updates. I will be adding new inventory as I make it, so check back often! I will still do occasional shows as well.

I do the dresses as I am inspired, and try to make all different shapes and sizes...I always get size ideas from the home show hostess, so please direct any size requests to her.

I am unable to do any custom orders. Please do not ask me to jazz up an article you already have. Feeling crazy busy!
I do adult clothing (tweens to grandmom queens)....not little girls.
The dresses and tops are machine washable!
Each dress is unique, I cannot recreate one.
Unworn dresses or top returns are accepted for up to 5 days from purchase.
If you ever have a issue with a dress or top (hole, tear) please let me know and I will try to fix it....these hand-made dresses and tops are not perfect, but they are charming!
I still do an occasional home show, If you would like to request one, please email me.

Thanks for understanding that I am a one woman show and I have responsibilities first to my husband and 3 little kiddos! Boundaries are needed. Thanks for your interest, encouragement and patience!

I redeem the clothes, just like Jesus is redeeming me!

Sara Ellen